Mental Health. . . Family. . . Self-Esteem. . .
Anxiety Relationships Business Coaching
ADHD Communication Therapy Job Loss
Behavioral Problems Child Behaviors or Fears Marketing Yourself
Stress Management Family Therapy Procrastination
Depression Single, Happy Living Self-Defeating Behaviors
Grief/Loss Adolescence Overcoming Shyness

How We Help. . .
Action Counseling treats most common mental health, family and self-esteem problems. We continually upgrade our state of the art treatment skills.

What You Can Expect. . .
Your confidentiality is upheld at the highest standard in the industry. In our small, informal settings, our therapists are caring and non-judgmental. We fully accept you where you are now and help you move on to a better daily life.

Call Us When You Need Support! 810-225-4260

Mission Statement
The mission of Action Counseling is to offer Livingston County and surrounding areas a broad spectrum of satisfying, effective, outpatient mental health, family and self-esteem services at reasonable costs for people ages 3 to 103.

Action Counseling is a private corporation, dedicated to the treatment of mental health, family and self-esteem problems, so that clients may grow to higher, more integrated levels of functioning, greater self-acceptance, emotional maturity, and self-responsibility. The organization develops, implements, and promotes techniques, services, and programs that contribute to the pursuit of that dedication for both clients and community. The organization’s mission, values, operational systems, and human resources demonstrate its commitment to client-focused quality and service excellence in direct care and management practices. These guiding principles are communicated to all persons served in word and behavior

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